Accredited (Grade-‘B++’) 2nd Cycle, UGC affiliation under section 2F and 12B of the UGC Act






Rules and regulations

1. Reprography(Photocopy)

Users can have p h o t o c o p y o f documents from the library with a nominal charge.

2. Internet

Presently, there are 3 computers in the
library with Internet facilities for the staffs
and students of the college and the
number of computer would be increased very soon

3. Social Networking

The Library and its different activities are very much present in social networking
sites like facebook and twitter. There is a facebook page,“Library Derozio
Memorial College”
of the college library. Members of the page can directly link
themselves with the library through it. They can even follow us on twitter by visiting “Library of DMC” account directly.

Rulesand regulations
  1. The Library opens at 10AM in the morning and remains open till 4.30PM in the evening;
  2. Students can borrow 2 books at a time for a period of 14days;
  3. They can renew their borrowings if they appear within the due date to the Library
  4. A student can renew his collection upto maximum 2times if the book is not in
    demand by others;
  5. Teaching staffs can borrow 10 books at a time for a period of 30 days;
  6. Non-teaching staffs can borrow 5 books at a time for a period of 30 days;
  7. For any cases of book lost from the borrower’s side, the borrower is responsible
    to purchase a fresh copy of that book for Library and if the book is not available in
    the market, he/she would be bound to abide by the rules of the Library as stated by the Librarian.
  8. Mobile phones should be in switched of mode or in silent mode inside the library
  9. Photocopy of the pages of documents in the library is strictly prohibited without
    the prior permission of the Librarian;
  10. Carrying any food products is strictly prohibited inside the Library.
  11. The book defaulters have to pay an overdue charge as per rules and regulations
    of the Library as decided by the Library Development Committee from time to time.


Librarian : AVIK ROY

PhNo.9874251766 / 9163995195



Uttam Barua
Dilip Bose
Ph.No.- 9432859567
Anima Das

Working hours
Monday to Friday

:1 0 A M – 4 . 3 0 P M

10AM-1.30PM Saturday

Circulation :1AM-3PM Monday to Friday
Reading Section

:10AM-4.30PM Monday to Friday

10AM-1.30PM Saturday

:Reading Section—2250; Reference—600;


1. Circulation

Teaching staffs (Substantive/Contractual/Part-time) : 10 books for 30 days
Non-teaching staffs : 5 books for 30 days


Honours (B.A./B.COM/B.Sc) : 2 books for 14 days
General (B.A/B.COM/B.Sc) : 2 books for 14 days

2. Reading

There are almost 2250 text books of different subjects taught in the College in
the Reading Section. It can accommodate about 60 students at a time.

3. Journaland Newspaper

There are almost 400 issues of different popular journals in the library.
The following is the list of newspapers and magazines purchased on regular
basis in the library:

  1. Anandabazar Patrika
  2. Aajkal
  3. The Times of India
  4. The Statesman
  5. Employment News
  6. Karmakhetra
  7. Safalya
  8. Desh Patrika
  9. Subject Journals

4. Reference

The Reference section includes books such as
encyclopaedias, dictionaries, thesaurus, rare books, almanacs, travel guides,
directories etc. At present there are almost 600 of such refenece books in the
Reference Section


1. NewArrivalDisplay

The newly arrived books are displayed in the New Arrival display section for the
users’ perusal.

2. CurrentAwareness Service

The Library provides such services in the form of displaying book jackets,
newspaper clippings, brochure display, leaflets etc. in the Library Notice Board.
Even the scanned copy of the cover page of newly arrived books are emailed to
the faculties to make them informed.

3. ContentAwareness Service

The content page of the documents is copied and sent to the concerned faculties
for perusal via messenger and email.

4. Alertingservices

Alerting services are provided through email to the faculties and students of the
college. These include conference alerts, seminar alerts, upcoming events etc

5. Online Database

The College subscribes an online database namely NLIST that provides full text
access to almost 90000+ ebooks and 6500+ Journals for the faculties and
students of the college.


List of Faculties

Avik Roy

  • Librarian
  • M.A. (Eng), MLIS (DL), PhD (Pursuing)
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