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Physics is one of the most important of fundamental sciences. It won””t be an exaggeration to say that in fact it is the most significant original and basic science because it deals with the “underlying” laws behind most of Physics and the whole of Chemistry, Computer Science and Biological Sciences. It deals at the most fundamental level with matter and energy, their interactions and transformation. It presents major challenges to the human mind and provides the foundation for engineering and other sciences. There is a continuous spectrum of exploration in physics, from the edge of our understanding to applications for everyday uses. Physicists are bound together in their passion to find and solve interesting and important puzzles for the benefit of all humanity, whether in academia or industry.

In the words of Dirac who is one of the greatest theoretical physicists of all time–alongside Maxwell, Einstein and Schrodinger: “The general theory of quantum mechanics is now almost complete. The underlying physical laws necessary for the mathematical theory of a large part of physics and the whole of chemistry are thus completely known”. Fundamental means something which comprises or involves a foundation. So, what are the foundations of Physics? The foundations of Physics are the most fundamental entities that make up the universe and the most fundamental laws governing their existence and interactions. By definition the most fundamental laws of nature must also be the most general, having the greatest scope and thus generate the most accurate results.


The Physics Department is one of the founding departments of Derozio Memorial College which began its glorious journey in 1997, started with Physics General Course under the University of Calcutta. The Physics Honours Course was introduced in 2008 by the University of Calcutta and the college change its affiliation from University of Calcutta to West Bengal State University in 2009. In first batch in honours course, the success rate was 100% and one of our student ranked 2nd with 1st class in West Bengal State University. At present there is only one Substantive, one Contractual and two Guest faculties in the department. We are in dearth of substantive teaching faculties for many years. Our Laboratories equipped with modern equipment with separate optical and computer laboratory. We do not setup separate electrical and electronics laboratories due to space problem. The Department has its own departmental library with 200 books and Journals. The Department published a Journal Entitled “ Focus” with collaboration with the department of Mathematics and a wall Magazine Entitled “The Sun”. We observe National Science Day every year and invite students from other departments and nearby Schools to visit our laboratories and take part in demonstration experiments.The department of Physics makes sincere effort to strengthen its innovative teaching and learning program in accordance with WBSU long term development plan of becoming a research oriented university in the 21st century. Physics Graduates have wide range of job scopes mainly in Education Sector, Atomic Energy Commission, CSIR, DRDO, IES, Research Centres, and Nuclear Medical Centre in each Hospital, Meteorology Department etc.

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