Accredited (Grade-‘B++’) 2nd Cycle, UGC affiliation under section 2F and 12B of the UGC Act



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1. Name of the Department Economics
2. Year of Establishment Date of Affiliation with G.O. NO. & DATE:
3. Names of Programmes / Courses Offered (UG, PG, MPhil, PhD,Integrated Masters; Integrated PhD,etc.) UG B.A. Honours in Economics
B.A. General in Economics
4. Names of Interdisciplinary courses and departments involved Nil
5. Annual/ Semester/choice based credit system (programme wise) Annual
6Participation of the department in the courses offered by other departments i)Faculty support to Department of Commerce & vice versa
ii)Conducted National Seminar in collaboration with Deptts. of History & Philosophy
7. Courses in collaboration with other universities, industries, foreign institutions, etc. Nil
8. Details of courses/ programmes discontinued (if any) with reasons Nil
9. Number of teaching posts sanctioned and filled As per personal promotion Scheme Sanctioned Filled
Professors Nil Nil
Associate Professors Nil Nil
Asst. Professors (Substantive) 02 01
Asst. Professors (Contractual Govt. aided) Nil Nil
Asst. Professors (Management Appointee) Nil Nil
Part time (Govt. aided) Nil Nil
Part time (Management Appointee) Nil Nil

10. Faculty Profile
Name Qualification Designation Specialization No of years of Experience No.of PhD Students guided for the last 4
Dr. Sukla Chatterjee MA, Ph.D Associate Professor Development Economics, Econometrics & Statistics More than 18 Years Supervised a thesis of Post Graduate Diploma HR HuHR Human Rights

11. List of senior visiting faculty Nil
12.Percentageof lectures delivered and practical classes handled (programme wise) by temporary faculty: (in %)
Temporaryfaculty 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12 2010-11
Lectures delivered and practical classes handled 36.97% 52.67% 31.35% 46.99% NA
13. Student Teacher Ratio (programme wise)
UG(Hons) 1:1Dec14 1:0.67 1:0.5 2:1 NA
1:3 Feb15
14. Number of academic support staff (technical) and administrative staff Nil
15. Qualifications of teaching faculty with DSc/D.Litt/Ph.D/MPhil/PG PhD-1, M.Sc-others
16. Number of faculty with ongoing projects from Sl.No. Name of Faculty Title of Project Amount Sanctioned Funding Agency
a) National b) International funding agencies and grants received Nil
17.Departmentalprojects funded by DST- FIST; DBT, ICSSR, etc. and grants received Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned
18.Research Centre/Facility recognized by the University Nil

19.Publications :
a) Publicationperfaculty
b) Numberof papers published in peer reviewed journals (b1.national / b2.international) by faculty and students
c) Numberofpublicationslistedin International Database (For Eg: Web of Science, Scopus, Humanities International Complete, Dare Database – International Social Sciences Directory, EBSCO host, etc.)
d) Monographs
e) Chapterin Books
f) Books Edited
g) Books with ISBN/ISSN numbers with details of publishers
h) CitationIndex
j) SJR
k) Impactfactor
l) h-index
Faculty A B C D E F G H I J K L
Dr. Sukla Chatterjee 24 2 6 1 2

20. Areas of Consultancy and Income Generated NIL
21.Facultyas members in
a) National committees b)International Committees c)Editorial Boards..
National Committees
22. Student projects
a)Percentageof students who have done in-house projects including Inter departmental/programme 60% students involved in making wall magazine & exhibition of paintings
b) Percentage of students placed for projects in organizations outside the institution i.e.in Research laboratories/ Industry/ other agencies 100% students carried out surveys in panchayat areas for in-course project work
23. Awards/ Recognitions received by faculty and students Nil
24.Listof eminent academicians and scientists/ visitors to the department
Dignitary Status
Prof. Ashok Ranjan Thakur Vice Chancellor, West Bengal State University
Prof. Shibranjan Mishra Professor, Department of Economics, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan
Prof. Arup Maharatna Professor, Economics, Gokhale Institute of Economics & Politics, Pune
Prof. Saikat Mitra Department of Economics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Prof. Jyotish Ghosh Department of Economics, West Bengal State University
Prof. Debobrato Mukherjee Department of Economics, West Bengal State University, Barasat
Ms. Sweta Mondal Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Sarojini Naidu College for Women, West Bengal State University
Dr. Raqjib Lahiri Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Derozio Memorial College, West Bengal State University
Sri. Avik Ranjan Roy Choudhury Associate Professor, Department of of Commerce, Derozio Memorial College, West Bengal State University ege.
Dr. Mousumi Saha Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Shyama Prasad College, Kolkata
25.Seminars/Conferences/Workshops organized & the source of funding
1) On 7th and 8th December 2011, the Departments of Economics, History & Philosophy jointly organized U.G.C. sponsored National level seminar on “Rethinking of Tagore’s views on Society, its Development and Environment: Necessity and Implementation” in collaboration with Institute of Historical Studies , Kolkata.

26.Student profile programme/course wise: History Honours
Year Applications received Admitted Appearedat the Final Examination Passpercentage No.of 1st Class
2014-15 0 0 1 0 100%
2013-14 0 0 0 1 100% 1
2012-13 2 1
2011-12 2 2

27.Diversityof Students Students from the State Students from other states Students from other countries

28.How many students have cleared national and state competitive examinations such as JAM, NET, SLET, GATE, Civil services, Defense services, etc.
2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12
Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil

29.Student progression
Student Progression Against% enrolled
2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12 2010-11
UGto PG 100% 100%
PGto MPhil
PGto PhD
PhDto Post Doctoral
EmployedCampus selection Other than campus 02
30.Details of Infrastructural facilities
LectureHalls with ICT facility: 01
Computersystems with printers and accessories: 01
Internetconnectivity: Available
DepartmentalLibrary:books–200, Journals -01( E-journal)
E-dataBase: Nil
Digitalcourseware: Nil
UG,core& complementary Labs: Nil

31.Numberof students receiving financial assistance from college, university, government or other agencies:
Period College University Governmentorother agencies
2014-15 07
2013-14 06
2012-13 05
2011-12 05
32.Details on student enrichment programmes (special lectures/workshops / seminar) with external experts-Educational Tour : Allahabad Bank, Nager Bazar Branch, Kolkata
33.Teachingmethods adopted to improve student learning:
Classes taken usually through chalk & talk method Study materials are provided as and when necessary Debates are invited on burning issues of economy Departmental library facilities for easy reference Class tests are taken for review improvements
34.Participationin Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities
Some students of the Department participate in N.C.C who also perform as volunteers in various programs/activities organized by the college
35.SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans
Strengths -Obedience of students who attend classes
-Eagerness of students with rural background
-Active participation of students in departmental as well as college affairs
-Regularity & sincerity of teachers
Weakness -Random absence of students with rural background
-Shortage of teachers & not filling up substantive post
-Departmental Library needs to be developed by the college
– No administrative staff to handle administrative work of the department
-No fund for recurring expenses of the Department
Opportunities -To fill up the vacant post (substantive)
-To appoint guest teachers to provide justified number of classes to students.
Challenges -To make students regular in classes matching study & livelihood
– To retain students in higher studies as mostly first generation learners
-Retention of female students restricted due to early marriage
Future Plan -Increase in number of students in Honours course
-Improve departmental library
-To fill up substantive post of department

List of Faculties

Dr. Sukla Chatterjee

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