Accredited (Grade-‘B++’) 2nd Cycle, UGC affiliation under section 2F and 12B of the UGC Act




The National Service Scheme (NSS) was introduced in our college to establish a meaningful linkage between the campus and the community. The main objective of NSS is “Education and Personality Development of the Students through Service to Community”.

Education should not be confined to classroom teaching only. It is not merely acquirement of facts but also of values which help us improve the different facets of mankind. It ensures that we leave the world a far better place than we found it. A pivotal role of education lies in shaping the personality of a student into a healthy mind and happy soul, required not only for academic excellence but also to enable him/her to face the challenges of life in a balanced and harmonious way.

This can be achieved through National Service Scheme (NSS). Our mission is to inculcate principals, values and ideologies in the younger generation and make them aware of their commitment towards social and moral duties and initiate them into social community service.

The NSS volunteers are involved in multi-dimensional activities like laying of college garden, tree plantation, adoption of village, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, health camp, awareness programmes etc. The students may be placed in projects of adult education, welfare of slum dwellers, training in civil defense, traffic control, adventure sports, work in hospitals, orphanages, destitute homes.

With an intake of 100 students, the Programme Officer Dr. Rajib Lahiri, with active support of the Principal, Dr. Dibyendu Talapatra, has made successful the following programmes in 2015-16:


SLNo. Date Activities
1 19.08.15 Tree plantation programme at the college campus
2 08.10.15 Cancer Awareness Programme at Raigachi High School, Raigachi and distribution of few mosquito nets among the needy students of the school
3 17.11.15 Thalassaemia Awareness Cum Detection Camp at the college campus in collaboration with the School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata.
4 29.11.15 Free Health Camp at Rajarhat Chowmatha in collaboration with Rotary Club (NGO), Rajarhat, Kolkata
5 21.12.15 Special lecture by Dr. Basab Chowdhury, Honorable Vice Chancellor, WBSU on uses and abuses of plastic.
6 14.01.16 Participation in Adventure Sports by NSS Volunteers organized by the National Adventure Foundation, Ministry of Youth Affair and Sports.
7 20.01.16 Participation in Adventure Sports by NSS Volunteers organized by the National Adventure Foundation, Ministry of Youth Affair and Sports.
8 10.02.16 Visit to Barpole village, about 8 km away from the college. This village has been adopted by the college.
9 27.02.16 Observance of Science Day with the science departments of the college
10 09.03.16 Celebration of International Women’s Day in collaboration with Gana Unnayan Parishad, Kolkata
11 20.03.16 Free health camp at Barpole Village in collaboration with Rotary Club (NGO), Rajarhat, Kolkata
12 25.06.16 Anti-Drug Awareness Programme in collaboration with Narcotics Control Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs, govt. of India.
13 Regular activities Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Classroom cleaning, Labs cleaning, Campus cleaning )

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